Stitched by You: Lissy Grey

Lissy Grey professes to be a lifelong maker! Since she can remember, she has always loved crafts and making things with her hands. Lissy attended college for fashion design and worked in the fashion industry for ten years. Right before Covid, she decided to take a step away and stay home with her twin daughters. It was during that time that she discovered needlepoint, and she has not looked back since! Lissy loves how stitching can be both mindless and creative, depending on your mood. She says it is also easy to pick up and put down, a must with young children!

After leaving her fashion job, Lissy has really found needlepoint to be the creative outlet that she was missing. She loves painting her own canvases, and purchasing from the amazing designers out there. Lissy also sets a goal to self finish every project she stitches, and she has so far succeeded!

Lissy kindly shared some of her most recent stitching projects (including Georgette's Angel Series available here) with us below as well as the stitching patterns she used on each one. Be sure to follow Lissy @LissyGreyStudio on Instagram to see all of her stitching and crafting creations.


Orange Witch

Shirt: Horizontal Parisian

Dress: Criss cross hungarian

Hatband: Satin


I got this as a beach stitch while on the Jersey shore this summer. My other daughter is a mermaid for Halloween this year, so it's all coming full circle!

Braids: Woven w/ two strands of perle cotton. 

Dress: Mosaic

Headband: Random diagonal stitches!

Bra: A variation of the shell stitch from Emma Homent's new book @themakersmarks

Mrs. Claus

Dress: Kalem

Mr. Claus

Hat: Diagonal knitting

Pom pom + brim: Turkey work

Beard: French knots

Belt: Diagonal mosaic

Suit: Kalem


Hair: french knots

Sleeves: Byzantine #2 / reverse (Stitches to go)

Shirt/Hands - brick


Hair: Bullion knots

Sleeves: Diagonal mosaic / reverse

Dress: Diagonal Triple Parisian


Hair: french knots

Sleeves: Byzantine #2 / reverse

Shirt: Double brick

Dress: Woven


Hair: inspired by @melissa.ndlpt. Not sure the name of the stitch. Satin / slanted gobelin?

Sleeves: Diagonal Roumanian / reverse. 

Dress: Mosaic


Sleeves: Interlocking Gobelin / reverse. 

Dress: Pavillion Steps (?? not 100% sure on this one!)

Flowers: Mosaic


My twins were born in June, so I swapped out the June bride for a birthday girl! The girls were in a rainbow phase, so I had some fun with this one! I changed the motif to hearts.

Sleeves: Byzantine #2 / reverse

Dress: Nobuko


Sleeves & Dress: Interlocking Gobelin / reverse. 


Sleeves: Hungarian


I wanted a color swap because I have a lot of red angels already. I feel like the apples stand out more now. 

Hair: Inspired by @sharpstitcher after reading your blog post about her!

Dress: corduroy (a variation)

Apples: Satin


I swapped this one for the orange witch because I thought she was cuter. Then one of my kids decided to be a purple witch for Halloween, so then I had to get the purple witch! 

Purple Witch

Dress: Canvas stem



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