Stitched by You: Clara Sharp

Clara Sharp is our star stitcher today, and we love the Georgette Angels she has been working on! Clara is planning to finish these as stand-ups to display on one of her family's bookshelves … although she suspects her two young daughters may play with them more often than not!

Hair: Satin Stitch + I pulled three strands through two holes (creating 6 strands) and braided.

Top: Diagonal Mosaic
Skirt: Basketweave in very velvet
Heart: Satin Stitch

Skirt: Flemish Bond

Top: Byzantine #2
Skirt: Alternating Continental

Flowers: French Knots
Top: Interlocking Gobelin
Skirt: Bargello Line Pattern #1

June (pictured at the top of the post)
Hair: Satin Stitch
Crown Detail: Mosaic
Flowers: French Knots
Dress: Alternating Continental in FyreWerks FT10
Dress detail: Mosaic

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  • Lissy

    Such inspiring stitch choices!!! Excited to see these as stand ups!

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