Canvas Conversations: The Needlepointers

@TheNeedlepointers are a favorite new follow of mine on Instagram. These four talented stitchers are the stars of my Canvas Conversations today. Continue reading for my Q&A with each of them.

Favorite needlepoint project.

Lita: My JCB Wedding Cake. In addition to being a beautiful design, it’s sentimental as I stitched it on my wedding day and there are beautiful memories woven into the canvas.

Jessica: Joe would be disappointed if I didn’t pick “Bones” the Colors of Praise dinosaur pillow I stitched for him. 

Amanda: Christmas tree bow topper. Our tree has been topless for years, so I’m excited to create family memories around this piece every holiday. 

Lauren: My first, of 40 or so,  completed Susan Roberts 3D gingerbread house. I’m looking forward to start the tradition of a needlepoint gingerbread house village under my tree. 

On your needlepoint wishlist.

Lita: I love the punny Griffin Designs coasters. I would love to have a set of them one day, each with an adorable animal and a witty pun to tie the set together.

Jessica: Stitch Style’s new bunny! And The new blue and white Halloween series from Plum Stitchery 

Amanda: Morgan Julia Philly cheesesteak, Strictly Christmas stocking being custom made for baby grant 

Lauren: 3D wedge of parmesan cheese (a staple in my Italian household growing up and now). The large Associated Talents gingerbread cottages. 

Dream stitching spot.

Lita: A solarium filled with beautiful plants and a fountain trickling in the distance.

Jessica: A cozy cottage with a fireplace and plenty of snacks and booze 

Amanda: balcony of the beach house in sunset beach, nc where my husband’s family goes every year. The breeze, ocean sound/smell, and stitching is the chef’s kiss combo 

Lauren: Sun room with a fireplace and huge glass windows, but really anywhere with my boos. 

13 or 18 Mesh Canvas.

Lita: 13 mesh when traveling and 18 mesh when comfy at home

Jessica: 13 mesh for relaxation 

Amanda: 13 but I’ve been stitching a lot of 18 (not on purpose!)

Lauren: Both, but I’ve been stitching mostly 18 lately. 

Last book you read and liked.

Lita: The Midnight Library

Jessica: Hot take: I don’t read! But I’m loving the Yellowstone spin off 1923. I’m a TV girl 

Amanda: 99 glimpses of Princess Margaret 

Lauren: Free Food for Millionaires 

Favorite flower.

Lita: Hydrangeas 

Jessica: Tulips 

Amanda: peony 

Lauren: Peony and Lily of the Valley

Guilty pleasure.

Lita: White Castle- I know; I’m not proud.

Jessica: Traveling. Mom guilt am I right 

Amanda: I wasn’t sure so I asked Tom and he said “our pets and wanting more of them” 

Lauren: A family size bag of sour patch kids to myself.  Two Starbucks lattes every morning. 

On your nightstand.

Lita: Water, a needlepoint jewelry catcher, and lamp

Jessica: My glasses, books for decoration and picture of Joe 

Amanda: Gosh everything! A real dumpster fire. At least 3 glasses of water and can of la croix 

Lauren: Lamp, cuticle scissors, orts, Starbucks tumbler of water, kid art/school papers, sour patch kids 

Currently listening to.

Lita: Midnights on repeat

Jessica: Wings by the Jonas Brothers. It’s a SMASH

Amanda: Historic Royal Palaces:  podcast 

Lauren: Halsey’s new single and the Murdaugh Murders podcast 

Currently watching.

Lita: The Blacklist, Virgin River, Outer Banks 

Jessica: 1923, Yellowstone, The White Lotus

Amanda: My husband and I are loving Abbott Elementary 

Lauren: Anything on Bravo, just watched part 2 of the RHOP reunion 

If there were more hours in the day I would...

Lita: Learn cartonnage 

Jessica: How to self finish to save me some money 

Amanda: get organized- see nightstand answer haha 

Lauren: Cook more 

Favorite places to shop. 

Lita: Jcrew, Halsbrook, Anthropologie, antique stores

Jessica: JCrew, Hill House 

Amanda: Kate spade, Jcrew, Target, any antique store 

Lauren: Theory outlet, The Short Hills mall 

Favorite Instagram follows.

Lita: Mary Orton, Julia Berolzheimer, Stacieflinner

Jessica: Sheffield Interiors, JCB Stitches, The Car Mom, Le Point

Amanda: all.thats.pretty, knucklebump farms, Katie sturino, Liz Adams, Emily Delong 

Lauren: Sheffield_Interiors, Whimsical Stitch, themarquissisters, hpluxe, myhcatalog, kellysneedlepoint

Can’t leave the house without.

Lita: Lipstick and my engagement ring

Jessica: My needlepoint key ring wallet 

Amanda: snacks and water 

Lauren: candy and migraine meds 

Coffee or tea.

Lita: Hot tea and iced coffee

Jessica: Green tea 

Amanda: Coffee: am Tea: pm 

Lauren: Always coffee 

Favorite holiday to celebrate.

Lita: Christmas

Jessica: 4th of July! No family obligations 😂

Amanda: Christmas! 

Lauren: Christmas 

Wardrobe staples.

Lita:  Pearl earrings, nude leather flats,  headband 

Jessica: My pearl and diamond earrings my husband got me for my 30th birthday, Madewell jeans 

Amanda: a good leather handbag, a good pair of leather ballet flats,  a *new* white t shirt, and agolde jeans

Lauren: cashmere sweater, jeans, sparkle flats, Chanel so black handbag & VCA jewelry 

Creative inspiration.

Lita: Special memories. If I’m creating something, it’s an attempt to capture the joy from those memories for years to come. 

Jessica: Needlepoint is as creative as I get. I need the paint and designs to inspire me! I live for heirlooms for Joe 

Amanda: I honestly have the most creative women in my orbit. Also Instagram. 

Lauren: I love any art with bling. I’d love to own an Ashley Longshore piece one day. 

Best piece of advice.

Lita: Focus on being your best, not THE BEST and the rest will follow

Jessica: Pause. And put your mask on first aka self care is important to motherhood 

Amanda: I have a post it note on my work computer that says “eat the frog”. I don’t always follow it, but I try to !

Lauren: Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. 

Life mantra. 

 Lita: “love fully”. Make sure those who matter feel your love every single day.

Jessica: There’s room for everyone 

Amanda: “be kind”. The world needs more kindness and tolerance right now 

Lauren: Enjoy life to the fullest.

Style Crush. 

Lita: Mary Orton

Jessica: Kate Middleton

Amanda: Kate Middleton 

Lauren: Zendaya 

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