Canvas Conversations: Merideth Henry

Merideth Henry was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida where she still lives. She attended the University of Florida, where she met her husband of now almost 14 years. As a Senior Accountant at a CPA firm, Merideth uses needlepoint as a chance to utilize the creative side of her brain and for stress relief. She has been stitching for around 16 years and has stitched all sorts of projects from pillows, to ornaments, to belts. Merideth and her husband have two boys, a dog and a cat, so life is always interesting and fun.

I sat down with Merideth and asked her 20 questions:

Favorite needlepoint project. I have enjoyed so many of my projects, however one of my favorites has to be my monogram tassel bag!  I self-finished it and so its extra special to me.

On your needlepoint Wishlist. Love the Lollipop clutch by Doolittle Stitchery!  It would be the cutest clutch out on the town. Also literally anything Elizabeth Crane Swartz does is gold.

Dream stitching spot. Some place warm on the beach with a yummy drink under an umbrella

13 or 18 Mesh Canvas. I love a good 13 mesh project because I feel like it shows so much progress quickly. 18 mesh definitely for ornaments so you get the beautiful details.

Last book you read and liked. I really enjoyed The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Greek mythology has always fascinate me.

Favorite flower. So many to choose from… I would say either peonies or tulips.  Both make me so happy.

Guilty pleasure. I am a true crime junkie and can’t get enough Dateline.  I also have seen every episode of anything the Kardashians have done!

On your nightstand. A blue and white ort dish, my favorite Jo Malone perfumes, and SpoiledChild hydro-lock overnight lip mask

Currently listening to. I have a pretty broad music selection and it really depends on the day – it could be 70’s southern rock, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, or Eric Church!

Currently watching. I have been catching up on the current season of The Crown on Netflix

If there were more hours in the day I would...Sleep, stitch, or spend time with my boys

Favorite places to shop. J. Crew, Tuckernuck, and Lululemon are my go to shops

Coffee or tea. Both!  Love an espresso when I wake up on the morning and then a green tea later in the day for a pick me up

Favorite holiday to celebrate. I genuinely love any holiday.  I love the chance for family and friends to gather and spend time together.  I host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our home and it makes my heart so happy for everyone to be together.

Wardrobe staples. Most days, let’s be honest it is athleisure.  I do love a cute sundress or ruffle shorts if I get the chance.

Favorite color. Most any shade of blue.  Anything navy generally makes my heart skip a beat.

Best piece of advice. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or make something your own. You are the only one of you.

Beach or Mountains. I live in Florida so we are at the beach most every weekend.  I absolutely love getting to go to the mountains in North Carolina whenever we can for fresh air and a big change of scenery 

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