Welcome to Greystone Needlepoint

It’s only been a few short months since I launched Greystone Needlepoint and I couldn’t be more thankful for your interest and support. Today, we are thrilled to reveal our brand new look and thought it would be a great opportunity to share the story behind Greystone Needlepoint.

I’ve always had a passion for design and a drive to create. Since I was young, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit – launching a boutique clothing line and a home design and styling business. With a very driven personality, for more than 20 years I’ve enjoyed needlepointing to quiet my busy mind and provide balance. I’ve taught countless friends and family including my sister who is in a wheelchair. She is now an avid stitcher, which lead me to realize that needlepoint should be a craft that’s more accessible to all. When the pandemic struck, I leaned on needlepoint more than ever, but found it challenging to get into a local store. With three young children home indefinitely, I was determined to not only start a business that brought me joy, but also something that I believed would bring others joy as well. Thus, Greystone Needlepoint was born, while stitching inside my grey stone house!

I am so excited to launch my new branding and logo today. I love flowers and birds, but they also represent so much more, which is why I’ve incorporated them into my logo.  Flowers embody everlasting beauty, and the peony (my personal favorite), symbolizes “happy life.” The two birds signify community and calmness. The stem of the peony is a needle pulling through the canvas to create a beautiful bloom. All in my favorite color blue.

I have always been one to mark all special occasions with a keepsake to hold on to the memories year after year. Needlepoint is such a wonderful way to celebrate life’s moments big and small.

Stay tuned as I am full of ideas and have lots more in store for you - thanks for coming along on this ride with me! 

XO, Shannon



  • Karen S.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I have wanted to learn to needlepoint especially during this pandemic but didn’t know how to start. You have motivated me to begin something that I have wanted to do for years. Thank you and I cannot wait to begin.

  • Donna Boucher

    Thank you for sharing your story!! A favorite song of mine is called “Add to the Beauty”… you are doing that!! I am working on Hugs and Kisses… I miss hugs!

  • Mary

    What a beautiful description of your path and logo!! Good luck to you!!

  • Lisa Cole

    Beautiful branding!

  • Elizabeth Sayen

    If you ever design an egret canvas or sandpipers, please let me know. Thank you for the angels you sent me.
    Good Luck with your business!🐝

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