Stitched by You: Amanda Miller

Connecticut stitcher, Amanda Miller, recently finished these beautiful Christmas ornaments and has kindly shared her stitching patterns for each design below. You can find each of these canvas designs in my shop. They are linked at the bottom of the post.

You can follow Amanda on Instagram @bluehydrangeastitcher to see all of her delightful stitching escapades as well as her most time-consuming project, a 1765 Connecticut colonial she and her husband are renovating together.

Christmas sled:

  • Basketweave 
  • French knots for wreath
  • Satin stitch for sled (silk lamé)

Hydrangea sled:

  • French knots for hydrangea
  • Burden stitch for basket (straw silk) 
  • Bottom rim of basket: run a long stitch horizontally, and wrap it with short vertical stitches


Canvas Designs:

Sled with Hydrangea by Anne Fisher

Sled with Wreath by Anne Fisher

Monogramable Wreath by SCT Designs


  • Lisa Newsome

    I love the canvases and her stitching! Thank you for sharing. I will definitely follow her on instagram.

  • Barbara Etheridge

    Checked out Amanda Miller on instagram and loved a few of her canvases. Do you know where I can purchase?

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