Canvas Conversations: Sara Trucksess

Sara Trucksess is an artist and designer who was inspired by her global travels and international art education to start SCT Designs in 2019. She spent her early career in museums and auction houses including Sotheby’s, the Corcoran Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art before settling in Kansas City to raise 4 boys. Her needlepoint canvases are classic and colorful, inspired by historical artworks, natural patterns, and interior spaces. 

You can follow Sara @sct_designs and shop her canvases here

We sat down with Sara to ask her 20 Questions:

Favorite needlepoint project Impossible to decide. Anything I have stitched as a gift for someone I love. 
On your needlepoint wishlist A {little stitches needleworks} belt (or 5) for my crew of growing boys and men and a set of matching monogrammed needlepoint pillows for my family room window seats

Dream stitching spot By the sea and in the mountains. I love them both and can never pick. Anywhere outside with a lovely view and a light breeze will fit the bill!

13 or 18 Mesh Canvas 13 for most projects, 18 when necessary, but honestly I’ve kind of been loving 10 mesh lately. It’s not for everything but it makes a fun quick stitch and I love the texture of the big stitches.

Last book you read and liked The Dutch House, Daisy Jones and the Six, Such a Fun Age, The Vanishing Half, I listen to a lot of books while I paint and stitch!

Favorite flower Haven’t met a flower I don’t love yet. Hydrangeas, lilies, ranunculus, peonies, even mountain wildflowers. I love wild and unruly blooms and try to keep an cutting garden going in my yard so that I can always bring my favorites inside.

Guilty pleasure I have a serious sweet tooth and I try to reserve it for the really good stuff as I get older: French pastries, rich chocolate cake with homemade buttercream, marzipan... I could go on!!

On your nightstand The Glass Hotel. I haven’t started yet because I got distracted by, you know, needlepoint, but soon!

Currently listening to I love this podcast called Criminal. It’s about kind of obscure crimes that aren’t always even crimes, like the first animal that ever went on trial in the 18th century- kind of a mash up of history and crime and good storytelling.

Currently watching Madam Secretary. I’m like 6 years behind on this but its a great paint/stitch and watch kind of show because once you know the characters you can keep up without fully paying attention!

If there were more hours in the day I would Needlepoint more, paint more, learn to finish more pieces, see more friends, travel more, entertain and cook more and maybe clean my kitchen up more! Maybe.

Favorite places to shop Local shops -whether they are local to me or other people - @incloverboutique, @willowparkboutique, @willowboutique - plus whatever I find on Instagram... and, of course, I couldn’t survive without Amazon! @amazonthedrop has been a fun and easy addition to my rotation this year.

Current Instagram obsessions @greystoneneedlepoint of course! @madredallas insta is also always so fresh and cheery and I’m very excited about our upcoming collaboration!!

Can’t leave the house without Phone, hair tie, chapstick. I should probably make a bigger effort in this department but I also usually have to drag 4 kids along with me so if I get out the house with just the basics and at least 3/4 kids it’s a good day!

Coffee or tea Herbal Tea- I love @rishitea turmeric and ginger!

Wardrobe staples Lately? Denim shorts + @landsend pullovers or @merseaco travel sweaters!

Creative inspiration Color and pattern always get me thinking. I see vignettes of it everywhere from indoor spaces to stunning architecture, to the garden, the beach, the mountains... the outdoors definitely brings me great creative joy!

Best piece of advice Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. Do the things you love with love and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing! That’s probably my life mantra too - make IT (aka- life, your path, your family, your needlepoint canvas) your own and it will the best version possible for you!

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