Canvas Conversations: Laura Rock of Stitch Rock

My Canvas Conversations today features Laura Rock of Stitch Rock Designs. Stitching genes runs deep in Laura's family. Her mom, aunt, and cousin are all stitchers and have needlepointed everything from pillows, to ornaments, wall hangings, brick covers, etc. Laura's favorite part about needlepointing is the creativity used in every decision from the threads used to the way the design is finished - the options are endless!

Laura began painting canvases in the spring of 2019 as a means to have another creative outlet outside of stitching. Her bright modern designs are part of our November trunk show this month.

You can shop her Stitch Rock designs on my website here.

I sat down with Laura and asked her 20 questions:

Favorite needlepoint project. My favorite needlepoint project would have to be the Julie Pischke gecko tote!  It was one of the first canvases I stitched and it was a labor of love – it took about a year to stitch.  I chose tomato red for the background color because it reminded me of a Marimekko print I used to love so much.  It’s currently my needlepoint storage tote.  I use it to hold wips and threads for smaller projects!

On your needlepoint Wishlist. The Pastel Christmas Tree is one of my favorite canvases of all time!  It’s so beautiful and well done.  I also love the Winnetka/Chris Lewis canvas “Gardeners Know the Best Dirt.”  It’s so fun and cheeky and perfect for gardeners.  I need it!

Dream stitching spot. At home with a cocktail watching a rom-com with my family and puppy by my side!  I’d be pretty happy in Carmel-by-the-Sea overlooking the ocean, too!

13 or 18 Mesh Canvas. 18 mesh for ornaments, 13 mesh for larger canvases!

Last book you read and liked. I’m currently reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry and really like it so far!  I just added The Guest List by Lucy Foley to my cart this week.  I love everything Reese Witherspoon’s book club recommends!

Favorite flower. Gerbera daisies!  I used to have a cocker spaniel named Daisy, so they’re extra special to me!

Guilty pleasure. Hallmark Channel Rom Coms, Diet Coke, Starbucks lattes, and  pumpkin ice cream from Trader Joe’s!

On your nightstand. Chapstick, hand lotion, phone charger, a bowl of threads I can’t decide what to do with, and a needlepoint wip (currently the Tinsel Tree from my line)!

Currently listening to. I love Spotify playlists- Unwind 70s is a favorite, as is one of my own, Stitch Rock Holiday- full of random, fun holiday tunes!

Currently watching. Only Murders in the Building!  It’s so, so good.  And anxiously waiting for the new season of The Crown!

If there were more hours in the day I would. Get more stitching done!  I should say housework, but that would be a lie!

Favorite places to shop. I love Anthropologie, World Market, Target, and Home Goods!  

Favorite Instagram follows. @thedogist – so fun to see puppies and their families, and @meetcutesnyc to hear people talk about their love stories.  And all the needlepoint accounts, of course!

Can’t leave the house without. Sunnies, wallet, chapstick, phone, and keys.

Coffee or tea. I’m a real-life Lorelai Gilmore- I need a cup (or 3) of coffee in the morning to function!  The stronger the better.  I’m a big fan of the Starbucks Espresso roast, and the dark roast iced coffee during the Spring/Summer.

Favorite holiday to celebrate. Christmas!  I love the traditions of baking cookies, decorating the tree, and spending time with family.  I think the decorations during the holidays are phenomenal as well- the more non-traditional, the better!

Wardrobe staples. Skinny jeans, oversized sweaters, and ballet flats when out, leggings and sweatshirts at home!

Creative inspiration. I’m always inspired by quirky, whimsical home décor.  I love interesting ornaments (Anthropologie and Cody Foster and Co do them so well), and vintage Turkish rugs and quilt patterns.  I think patterns are fun – especially if they can be reimagined in unique color palettes.

Best piece of advice. “If you build it, people will come.” – Field of Dreams!  I’m a firm believer that good things take time, and if you love it and believe in it, others will, too.

Favorite Color. This will not come as a surprise to anyone, but Dusty Pink!  It’s just soooo pretty.

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