Canvas Conversations: Kate Hersch

August Morgan cocktail napkins creator Kate Hersch has mastered the coupling of irreverence intermixed with elegance, producing a delightful line of hand-embroidered linen cocktail napkins, perfect for any and every occasion. August Morgan was created in New York City, but is now based in Austin, Texas. You can shop several of Kate's cheeky designs in my shop here for your next stitching project.

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We sat down with Kate and asked her 20 questions:

Favorite needlepoint project  A chinoiserie pillow I bought in London at Tappisserie over twenty years ago!
On your needlepoint Wishlist  I am dying to stitch Jessica Tongel’s Goldfish on your website!  Please let me know when it is back in stock! I would also love to stitch Lycette and Stubbs and Wooten’s monogram slippers!!!
Dream stitching spot  The beach. I am headed to Montauk today to sun, stitch and sip wine!
13 or 18 Mesh Canvas  Both!
Last book you read and liked  Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family. By Robert Kolker. Haunting.
Favorite flower  Lillies, because my daughter’s name is Lily.
Guilty pleasure Dateline NBC. Keith Morrison is an American treasure.
On your nightstand Benadryl
Currently listening to Willie Nelson Stardust
Currently watching Old Chopped episodes
If there were more hours in the day I would nap, eat and drink more.
Favorite places to shop  I am addicted to online auctions.
Favorite Instagram follows @aerinlauder, @mrmitchowens, @peter.lyden
Can’t leave the house without Sunglasses. The Texas sun is brutal.
Coffee or tea  Coffee and iced tea!
Favorite holiday to celebrate Thanksgiving
Wardrobe staples Blazers, white jeans, Belgian Shoes
Creative inspiration The American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Best piece of advice Never skimp
Life mantra My Grandmother once told me “every jerk has a roommate.”  Wise, wise words.

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