Canvas Conversations: Caroline Gilman


Caroline Gilman is a needlepoint designer born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. She has been stitching since middle school. After being taught cross-stitch, she self-taught herself needlepoint because it was less work and less charting. 

Caroline graduated from Florida State University in Accounting and received her Masters in Accountancy from Wake Forest University. She then began her career with a large accounting firm. In 2021, while her husband was overseas on deployment, Caroline lived on an army base in a needlepoint desert. She began painting canvases and selling them on Etsy. Fast forward 3 years later, she is selling her designs, as well as 12 other needlepoint artists' canvases, through her company, Atlantic Blue Canvas

When she's not needlepointing or painting, you can find Caroline at Orange Theory, walking her German Shepherd, Reagan, or on an airplane.

Continue reading for my Q&A with Caroline below:

Favorite needlepoint project. I stitched a Thorn Alexander clutch while on vacation and finished into clutch - I use it all the time and always get compliments and have random stitchers ask me about it.

On your needlepoint Wishlist. Key Fob by ECS or the cute pickle ball cocktail by WIP - love pickleball. Have never done a stocking, I am on the hunt for myself and husbands to do before having kiddos. Also still looking for the perfect backgammon board...

Dream stitching spot. Islamorada Sandbar

13 or 18 Mesh Canvas. 13 mesh with Silk & Ivory

Last book you read and liked. I read multiple books at once, and a lot of audio books while I paint or pack orders (read 72 last year). Just finished Yellow Face and Tom Lake, both would recommend. 

Favorite flower. Peonies 

Guilty pleasure. Spicy marg with tajin rim or pizza & chicken wings

On your nightstand. Airpods, framed picture from my wedding, Yeti, mouthtape and hand lotion

Currently listening to. True crime podcasts (my favorite Murder and True Crime Obsessed are favorites), then How I built This, and I daily listen to The Best One Yet.

Currently watching. The Bear tv show

If there were more hours in the day I would. Walk my dog and go to Barre classes

Favorite places to shop. I work from home and so I live in Lululemon, but when I travel or go into the office, I rent. I have been using Rent The Runway since 2014.

Can’t leave the house without. I have an unhealthy addiction to my cell phone, also never gone on vacation without my work computer (yes, this is a problem I know, I usually don’t open it but it's comforting).

Favorite holiday to celebrate. Christmas or July 4th

Creative inspiration. anything coastal, old Floridian vibes, watercolor art

Best piece of advice. Take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake.... But actually, max out your retirement/401k each year and then buy the shoes (I am a CPA and nerd about personal finance).

Life mantra.  I don't know about life, but my mantra for this year is ‘Done not perfect’ otherwise I get way too absorbed in small things and lose site of the big goals.

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