Accessory Girl

Lets talk about true love. One of my true loves? A good accessory!

Jokes aside, I have always been an accessories girl, and developing products that enhance or make needlepointing more fun has been really fulfilling to me. I particularly love a good pouch – it’s how I organize my needlepoint projects, my life, my kids. Organization is the key to my personal success.

Several months ago, Tori from Manastash Mercantile, also an avid needlepointer, reached out to me about selling the ultimate needlepoint pouch together. Manastash Mercantile is a very cool brand that creates accessories from independently authenticated vintage Hermès scarves and donates 50% of proceeds to The Right Track - a Thoroughbred Advocacy Alliance.

Hermès is one of my ultimate favorite luxury brands, so this was a no brainer and immediately I wanted to do more. While laying in bed one night, it dawned on me, my needlepoint accessories NEEDED to have their own accessories!! Thus spawned the idea for the Hermès Scissor Ribbon. Part convenience tool, part fashion accessory the Scissor Ribbon is a great way to ensure you’re not wasting precious time searching for your embroidery scissors, while also looking stylish when you needlepoint in public.

Have you gotten your hands on a Hermès Scissor Ribbon yet? Shop the newest selction here! 

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