About Me: Shannon Zimolong

Shannon Zimolong

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those who may be new to Greystone Needlepoint. I'm Shannon Zimolong and I've been needlepointing for more than twenty years! During the pandemic, I turned to needlepoint more than ever to find solitude from the crazy turn of events outside the house and the chaos that was ensuing inside my house with three kids home from school. I’ve always had a passion for design and a drive to create. Since I was young, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit – launching a boutique clothing line and a home design & styling business. While stuck at home, I spent time brainstorming my next venture and my mind always came back to needlepoint. I dreamt of making needlepoint more accessible for all people ages 8 through 98. I have an older sister in a wheelchair, who I taught to needlepoint, and oftentimes, getting to a store isn't as practical. I didn't want this to inhibit her (or anyone's) ability to enjoy the craft. Alas, Greystone was born, while stitching inside my grey stone home outside of Philadelphia. 

I hope you enjoy our curated collection of needlepoint canvases and unique accessories! If you have a friend or family member that you think would enjoy the craft, please direct them to our Beginner Guide to Needlepoint. No matter what age or abilities you have, needlepoint can bring joy to anyone! Community is at the center of our brand, and I look forward to continuing to grow with you all!

Greystone Needlepoint free beginner guide

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